Death Before Decaf

Even if you are waking up at 6am and drinking black coffee, we have a couple ideas on how to make your morning a little bit darker, and get your day off to a wicked start.


ReAnimator Coffee

This stuff is sustainable and locally owned and roasted just a few miles from Black Lodge headquarters. It doesn’t hurt that their logo is to die for and you can get it on a t-shirt

sprocket mug

Frilled Gear Mug from Inaeent

Everything from Inaeent is wheel thrown and/or hand crafted, and this mug is no exception. While the overall look might remind you of lace, all of the detailing is molded from motorcycle gears, sprockets and chains. The best part? It holds enough coffee to drown someone in, a tremendous 25 ounces.


Cockroach Espresso Cups from FoldedPigs

If you prefer tiny cups of espresso over huge cups of coffee, these are perfect. Foldedpigs also makes bowls, dinner plates, and dessert plates to match.


Poison Spoon from Milk & Honey

Milk & Honey hand stamps words and phrases onto vintage spoons and forks so that every piece is unique. Perfect for stirring sugar into your coffee, on days when you aren’t feeling thoroughly bitter.


Stumptown Cold Brew

If you need your coffee on the go, nothing beats this charming little bottle. Brewed without heat and over a longer period of time, cold brews are smoother and pack WAY more of a punch.


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